The 50th International Eucharistic Congress will be held in the RDS Dublin from 10-17 June 2012 with the closing ceremony taking place in Croke Park on the 17th June 2012.

A Eucharistic Congress is an international gathering of people which aims to:

* promote an awareness of the central place of the Eucharist in the life and mission of the Catholic Church

* help improve understanding and celebration of the liturgy

* draw attention to the social dimension of the Eucharist.

These aims are achieved through

* a programme of pastoral preparation in the years leading up to the Congress

* a programme of liturgical and cultural events, lectures and workshops over the course of one week every four years.

* The most recent Congresses were held in Quebec in 2008 and Guadalajara (Mexico) in 2004.

Most people in Ireland are familiar with the fact that a Eucharistic Congress was held in Ireland in 1932.

Our parents and grand-parents speak of it as a significant event in their own experience of Church. Some pupils in secondary school have undertaken special history projects on the Eucharistic Congress in preparation for their Leaving Certificate.

Improvements in travel since 1932 will provide a greater international perspective to the 2012 Congress. Technology will play an important part too in preparations but the most valuable aspect of the coming years is the sense of faith which can be kindled in the families and in every parish throughout the country.

The theme of the 2012 Irish Eucharistic Congress is “The Eucharist: Communion with Christ and with one another.” This theme, Communion with Christ and with one another, will help us to explore not only how our relationship with Jesus can be deepened in the Eucharist, but also how the Eucharist challenges us to look more closely at how we live with one another.

Go n-éirí go geal linn, le cúnamh Dé.

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