Monday 14th November 2011
Celebrant : : Monsignor Donnelly
Location : St Mary's Church, Drumragh

The third in the series of evenings brought with it, the structure which is now see as the norm - the warm welcome, the singing of the Congress Hymn, and the focus on the Icon - taking time to read, absorb and understand what the icon is actually saying to us. Elijah and the Raven is perhaps one of the more detailed Icons on show - there is a great deal to interpret and questions to be answered.

The main event of the evening was the interpretation through mime of the 'Road to Emmaus' - a real highlight, demonstrated powerfully by the girls of the Convent Grammar School - really bringing this most dramatic story to life in front of our eyes. The story was then further explained and interpretted by a memorable talk by Brenda Bannon.

The evening then ended with the Prayers of the Faithful and singing of the Congress Hymn.

Read the icon,
Notice its colours, and its golden heavenly context - more to follow...

Eucharistic Congress Prayer Eucharistic Congress Hymn

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This event is part of a local effort to stimulate interest in the 2012 Eucharistic Congress.

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