Wednesday 9th November 2011
Celebrant : : Fr John McDevitt
Location : St Mary's Church, Drumragh

The singing of the Congress Hymn, the warm welcome, the focus on the Icon, the saying of the Congress Prayer and the lighting of the Congress Candle - the defined structure helped in making people relaxed - allowing them to enjoy these special evenings. Again, the main events and pictures of the evening were projected onto the back wall of the church, guiding people through and helping them with the singing of hymns and saying of prayers.

This was Mrs Maeve Campell's night, a night where she attempted to help us understand the concept of 'Remembering' through the Eucharist. The help from the children, the historical references and the application of all this in today's life, helped the audience understand that the Eucharist is not just a 'matter-of-fact' act that takes place during Mass, but, that it should force us to remember the suffering of Christ, what he did for us, and how we should never forget Him.


Read the icon,
Notice its colours, and its golden heavenly context.
Notice the body language of Christ,
his hand held up, to command attention and in blessing.
Notice the space into which you are invited for this encounter with the Word made flesh.
Look at Christ’s face -serious, teaching, encouragingperhaps concerned that while some listen they do not hear or engage with him on a deeper level?
Allow yourself be drawn into this dialogue.
Hear echoes of his Word –scripture passages that have consoled, encouraged, nourished and supported you in the past.
Remember the words of the gospel as though you hear God speak to you in them now,
be attentive to what that hearing evokes in you .
Respond to Christ, tell him how you intend to allow the Word to become flesh in you –
in your attitudes and actions.
The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us!

Eucharistic Congress Prayer Eucharistic Congress Hymn

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